Timber Bolts

Timber bolts have a dome shaped head with  “fins” underneath the head to stop the bolt from turning on the timber as the nuts are being tightened.  The head of the timber bolt protect from premature corrosion in marine applications.  Timber bolts are also referred to as a fender head, a security head, dome head or mushroom head bolts and are a standard for nearly all marine heavy wood applications such as marine docking, decks and timber bridges.   These bolts may also be used in many other home and contractor applications that require a strong fastener.

Ninigret Marine carries a large stock of hot-dipped, galvanized timber bolts for the marine building trade in sizes:  6” thread
1/2”….. 6” to 16” lengths
5/8”….. 6” to 22” lengths
3/4”….. 8” to 30” lengths
1”….. 12” to 36” lengths

We have new stock added daily. Please contact us with your special needs.