STOCKED SIZES ADDITIONAL SIZES AVAILABLE *SPECIAL ORDER ONLY DEPOSIT REQUIRED* *Wave attenuator floats are also available. They come filled and unfilled with fastening locations on the top and bottom. Marine lift tanks are also … [Read more...]

PWC Ride-on Lifts

PWC Ride-on Lifts from Permaport® are available only by licensed dealers. This ride-on lift is the premiere Jet Ski docking system. PERMAPORT® docking platform keeps your jet ski clean and ready to go. Available in speckled gray or … [Read more...]

Aluminum Gangways

Aluminum Gangways are in stock at Ninigret Marine.  These gangways are flush mounted for easy clean up, with a large pin seawall mount connector and non-slip aluminum knurled decking. Standard sizes listed below. … [Read more...]

Tieangles, Tieplates, and Flat Plates

Heavy Duty Structural Dock Hardware We stock a variety of tieangles, tieplates, and flat plates for bracing, tiedowns, and splicing needs. Customized plates, angles, and tiedowns are available. All stock is hot dipped … [Read more...]

Hot Dipped Galvanized Fasteners

We are adding stock daily. Please call 401-364-0200 for special sizes. Galvanized FORGED Eye Bolts 1/2”….. 3 ¼” to 12” 5/8”….. 4” to 18” 3/4”….. 4” to 18” 1”   …..12” and 18” Galvanized Eye Nuts 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 1” Galvanized … [Read more...]

Dock Bumper Corners

Corner Bumpers are made of high grade marine vinyl to mate with dock bumper guard.  Corners give continuous look and offer more protection. Universal Dock Corner (10 inch) Universal Dock Corner (6 inch) … [Read more...]

Heavy Duty Dock Wheels

Help prevent expensive dockside damage. The ANC Dock Wheel helps you when wind and currents make docking difficult. The wheels are made of thick marine grade vinyl to withstand rough treatment and harsh marine conditions. The corner bracket … [Read more...]

Dock Bumpers – Dock Guards

Protect your dock and most important protect your boat!  We have the largest stock of dock bumper guard in the Northeast!  Our dock bumpers (rub rail) are the best in the business, whether it is commercial or residential.  Made of resilient … [Read more...]

Pile Caps

Add years to the life of your pilings protecting them from decay and keep those seagulls from perching with our pile caps. Pile caps are available in cone shapes, flat, and square shapes and in two colors – black or white.  Our pile caps … [Read more...]

Aluminum Ladders

Our sturdy, space-saving ladders are constructed from 6063 T5 Marine Grade Aluminum in 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" pipe and are welded for maximum strength. The ladder rungs are extruded with grooves to provide sure footing and reduce … [Read more...]


Our steel cleats are made from malleable iron and are hot-dipped galvanized. CODE DESCRIPTION BOLT WT/LBS. C-6-M     6" Steel Cleat   1/4"   .38# C-8-M     8" Steel Cleat   5/16"   1.5# C-10-M   10" Steel Cleat   3/8"   … [Read more...]

Pile Hoops

Hoop Pile Holders are engineered to be used with round pilings. The mounting brackets are made from 4.25" x 4.25" x 1/4" steel and 1.5" schedule 40 pipe. Once all welding and fabrication has been completed, the brackets and hoops are … [Read more...]

Heavy Duty Structural Dock Hardware

We stock ¼” high strength carbon steel hardware, hot-dipped galvanized to withstand the harshest marine environments. All hardware uses ½” galvanized carriage bolts. We also make specialized galvanized tie plates, hurricane and tie down … [Read more...]

Dock Guidelines in Connecticut

See DEEP guidelines for Connecticut residential dock building here.                 … [Read more...]

Permitting for Docks and Floats in RI

Is a wetland permit required to build a dock or float? Yes, all docks and floats proposed on any waterbody require a permit from the Department of Environmental Management (DEM), or from the Coastal Resource Management Council (CRMC).   If … [Read more...]

Timber Bolts

Timber bolts have a dome shaped head with  "fins" underneath the head to stop the bolt from turning on the timber as the nuts are being tightened.  The head of the timber bolt protect from premature corrosion in marine applications.  Timber … [Read more...]