Preventative Maintenance for your Marina

Avoid problems in your marina before they occur (Read full article from Bellingham Marine here) "By setting up an electrical preventative maintenance program, marinas can potentially save themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars in … [Read more...]

Marina Industry in 2014

Read full article from Bellingham Marine here. "Worldwide, from our perspective, things are starting to turn.  Marinas are beginning to see the increase in boat sales trickle down into their occupancy rates, money is loosening up and … [Read more...]

When the Dock is Worth More than the Home

"In the Northeast, the dock premium has reached as high as $1 million on Long Island and $4 million or more on Nantucket.  In Laurel Harbor, N.Y., a two-acre parcel with a 150-foot beach and a 75-foot dock was recently listed for $1.4 … [Read more...]

How to Build Dock Foundation

We cannot completely vouch for every technique herein, but think a novice builder may find this useful for an overview.   Disclaimer: all online resources included in this website are for informational purposes only and … [Read more...]


[youtube][/youtube] … [Read more...]